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2000 World’s first multiparameter (pH/conductivity/temperature) pocket tester The Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temperature meters were the first testers to combine pH and conductivity sensors into a single meter. They offered all the features of the redesigned pHep handheld testers with the addition of a graphite amperometric sensor for themeasurement of EC and TDS. The Combo meters also had a exposed temperature sensor that allowed for a quick and accurate temperature compensation for both pH and conductivity measurements. 2002 World’s first colorimeter with CAL Check™ feature The HI95 series of portable photometers were the second generation of our single parameter photometers. The HI93 series first generation meters used an LED at a specific wavelength as a light source. The HI95 series optical systemwas improved to use a tungsten lamp and narrow band interference filter for a much narrower spectral bandwidth. Hanna Instruments also incorporated a unique CAL Check function in which a traceable secondary standard is used to check the preprogrammed curve. If readings are outside a specified tolerance then the unit could be calibrated with the standards and an offset to the curve applied. 2003 World’s first pH meter with CAL Check Many problems in pHmeasurement result froma lack of understanding of the Nernstian response for a pH electrode. Every pH electrode generates a mV response in solutions at a specific pH. By monitoring the offset and slope characteristics of a pH electrode during the calibration process it is possible to determine potential problems The pH221 and pH222 were the first pH meters to offer a unique CAL Check feature. During calibration these meters would alert the user if the probe needs to be cleaned or the buffer is contaminated. After calibration the probe condition (based on offset and slope) and the probe response were displayed with a five bar indicator. The greater the number of bars the better the condition and response. 2004 World’s first process pH meter with integrated cellular communication The ability for remote data acquisition is becoming of increasing importance. Many times it is convenient to monitor a process parameter remotely. With the HI504900 GSM module it is possible to use a SIM card from cellular provider to transmit measurement data over a cellular connection. The HI504 process pH/mV controller allows for the digital transmission of data by using an RS485 serial connection. The HI504 allows for programming responses based on measurement criteria. These responses include the use of sending a text (SMS) messages over the cellular connection. 2004 World’s first pH/ORP combo tester The measurement of pH and ORP is very common for industries that rely upon oxidizers for sanitization or to promote an oxidation reaction such as with the oxidation of cyanide to cyanate for the treatment of plating wastewater. Both pH and ORP measurements are also made for chemical reactions that use a reducing agent. The ORP generated by oxidizers and reductants are dependent on the pH of the solution. Many times there is enough oxidizer or reductant present but the pH is not at the optimum. With the HI98121 it is possible to monitor both pH and ORP at the same time. The HI98121 is commonly used to monitor pH and chlorine for many applications including swimming, food sanitization, plating wastewater treatment, and cooling tower water treatment. 2005 World’s first single parameter line of auto titrators for wine testing Total titratable acidity and sulfur dioxide are two important parameters that are measured during the wine making process. To measure these parameters either a pH/mVmeter would be usedwith a volumetric burette or a very expensive and complex titration system is Hanna Milestones | www.hannainst.com Introduction x about Hanna